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6 Training Trends Businesses Should Watch Out For

Training is crucial in any business. It equips the workforce with the knowledge and skills that will make them unleash their best performance. In turn, this will propel the growth of the organization they are part of. To make the training successful, embrace some of the recent trends, including those briefly mentioned in this article.

  • Microlearning

In the past, training was conducted in a traditional classroom set-up and usually takes hours. Long training sessions can make the participants disengaged and uninterested. Microlearning offers an excellent alternative. It is all about e-learning in small doses, usually in materials with a length of three to five minutes. It requires minimal effort and offers a good solution to the short attention span of many employees.

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  • Virtual Reality

Engaging participants is one of the ever-present challenges in employee training programs. Virtual reality is a promising solution as it allows a more immersive and entertaining experience. Trainees will have fun while they are learning. Virtual reality tools can take them to a whole new world without leaving their seats. It can simulate real-life experiences during the training. It will make the employees feel that they are in a different world without leaving the office.

  • Social Learning

In the age of social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, it is no longer surprising that social elements are now incorporated in employee training programs. Tools such as instant messaging, online collaboration, and video conferencing will make training more effective and engaging. It will be more interactive and will provide opportunities to create a sense of community while training.

  • Experiential Learning

Incorporating experiential learning in the workplace is one of the recent trends in training. At its core, it is all about learning by doing and reflecting. This takes the training away from the four corners of a classroom. The premise is that the participants will have a better understanding of what they are being trained if they get to experience it first-hand. This can give the trainees a better understanding of the subject of the training program.

  • Gamification

In a quest towards making training more engaging, businesses are incorporating gamification into their programs. This will help rouse the interest of the participants while also increasing the retention rate. Gamification is possible by having leaderboards, badges, and challenges, among other things that can promote healthy competition among the participants.

  • Data Analytics

Harnessing the power of data is another training trend that businesses must watch out for. Online tools will make analytics easy. It will allow the management to deal with huge data in an instant. This can help in identifying the needs of the users, as well as in gathering feedback once the training program is done.

From microlearning to data analytics, this article talked about some of the most common trends in training. Businesses must embrace these trends to improve the effectiveness of their training programs.

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