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Not Able To Enterprise Collaboration

Business collaboration has joined a brand new phase with enterprise social media, as collaboration grows in importance for understanding work, effective collaboration is becoming very essential for business success nevertheless it still remains challenging as random teams working across time, geography, language & technical limitations more and more drive understanding work.

What’s going to enterprise collaboration seem like in couple of years here are a few of my ideas

1. E-mails will take a backseat just like letters.

You might have already observed that the email inbox contains very couple of personal messages any longer. It provides extensive marketing newsletters from banks, insurance, e-commerce portals, etc., all the electronic correspondence went elsewhere, you might be receiving more private messages at Facebook, Twitter, SMSes, IM’s, etc. than you need to do in your personal emails. Similarly your organization’s private social networking will virtually eliminate the requirement for email later on.

2. Rise of social technologies

Social technologies could be more embedded within business applications with much deeper integration’s to traditional or legacy software’s supplying simple & fast access to information across enterprise tools. Social technologies will enable increase in virtual teams companies will realize how much cash is saved with employees working at home. Virtual teams permit more selectiveness when building they, as location won’t be considered a factor.

3. Mobility

Cell phones are more and more becoming multi-purpose & are actually so central to many people’s work and private lives they just can’t do without them. Enterprises will enable using mobile technologies to empower anytime anywhere information use of employees, customers & suppliers getting in enhancements in revenue, worker productivity/performance & client satisfaction.

Forrester claims that “64% of firms happen to be expanding their mobility support as a result of the requirements of the staff”. Because the IT landscape evolves, firms that embrace the social technologies & enterprise mobility will improve outfitted to guide the development & way forward for the business.

4. Gamification

Gamification is going to be used in enterprises to enhance worker engagement, understanding capture & meet targets by tapping within the human characteristics of motivation. Gamification includes a huge potential to increase performance. Gartner and Constellation Research give a glimpse in to the next 2 yrs below:

· 50% of social business initiatives includes a company Gamification component by 2013 (Constellation Research)

· 70% from the 2,000 largest global companies use Gamification not less than taking care of of the organization by 2014 (Gartner)

· 50% of firms that manage innovation processes will gamify individuals processes by 2015 (Gartner)

5. Cloud based applications

You will see cloud based apps for almost everything, your whole organization is going to be automated for you personally, users is going to be empowered with anytime, anywhere access. IT heads is going to be less worried because of not getting to cope with installation, maintenance, management & only spend the money for sources used.

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