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Stainless steel wire ends

stainless steel wire is a thin stainless steel product that is made to withstand high tensile requirements. The steel wire is used to produce various other accessories. The wires are also used as wires in various applications to withstand tension. The use of wires necessitates them to be connected to each other or with other materials and types. For this purpose, the stainless steel wire is added with different ends. There are different applications like butt splice, grommet and machine swaged which need sling ends of the wires. One of the most common ending is the socket. The socket ending could either be an open spelter socket, closed spelter socket, closed swage socket, open swage socket, aqualine anchor pendant socket, nemag pear rope socket or wedge socket. The socket connections are used to connect more than two wires together. Sometimes the sockets are also used to connect with other nuts, bolts and threaded applications.

Thimbles are also used. The soft eye mechanically spliced thimbles, the thimble eye mechanically spliced thimble and the solid thimble are the most used kinds. The stainless steel 316 wire is preferred in high temper applications because of its ductility and strength. It also has high corrosion resistance properties. One of the most used ones is the stainless steel 304 wire because of its price. It is affordable and is used in various applications. The applications include agriculture, aquaculture, marine and other applications. Depending on the quality and price, they are used in a large variety of applications ranging from kitchenware to aerospace industries.

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