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Find out more about the Northwest Registered Agent, through its reviews

Northwest Registered Agent LLC is a Spokane, Washington-based LLC establishment and registered agent firm. According to northwest review, Northwest Registered Agent has built a reputation as a no-nonsense organization that provides LLC forms and other legal services for businesses since opening its doors in 1998.


Northwest Registered Agent provides a wide range of services to help start and maintain a business. Its key services include:

  • An online solution for forming and incorporating limited liability companies that are quick and simple to use.
  • In all 50 states, there is a registered agent service.
  • Filing of annual business compliance

Selling features

Their primary selling features are as follows:

  • Instant service
  • Locally-scanned documents
  • Offices in every state
  • Corporate Guides are personalized customer service representatives.
  • Free legal forms
  • On the front-end signup, there are a variety of services. 


  • Their customer service is outstanding. With a team of professionally trained Corporate Guides, Northwest Registered Agents retains their top customer service in-house.
  • They’re one of only a handful of LLC service providers who offer a full year of registered agent service as part of the creation package.
  • Northwest Registered Agent, unlike many of its competitors, does not sell information to third parties.  


  • Northwest doesn’t have as many features as other low-cost LLC services with similar prices.
  • There are fewer online third-party consumer reviews than for other services.

Northwest Registered Agent takes pride in being a family-owned and operated firm that is neither a startup nor a legacy. The according to the northwest review, it emphasizes the human component of its business, ensuring that there is always someone to assist. Northwest only works with third-party services such as couriers and attorneys who are required to file legal paperwork. Otherwise, Northwest provides its services, so the information isn’t shared or sold to anybody else.

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