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Investing in mutual funds with a robo-advisor

Imagine you are sitting in a cafe, scrolling through your smartphone. On your screen appears a headline about the stock market hitting new highs. Next, you get a notification, a suggestion to adjust your mutual fund portfolio to seize an emerging opportunity. The advice didn’t come from a human financial planner but from your robo-advisor. With a few taps, you authorise the changes. Technology has made investing more accessible, manageable, and affordable.

A robo-advisor is a software program that helps people manage their investments. It uses algorithms to analyse data and automatically provides financial advice. From its analysis, it offers suggestions to allocate your funds in stocks, bonds, dividend mutual funds, index funds, ETFs (exchange-traded funds), real estate, or other alternative or direct investment products. This program lets people invest money without expert help. Humans develop the code, but it relies solely on factors like valuations, governance, and performance to select the right stock or even recommend replacing an existing stock in your portfolio.

Investing in mutual funds with a robo-advisor | The benefits 

24/7 accessibility

No matter your location or the time, robo-advisors are ready to assist. This feature is especially helpful for those who prefer to manage investments at odd hours. Let’s say you work night shifts and can only manage your investments at 3 a.m. No problem. With a robo-advisor, you log in and get everything sorted, regardless of the hour.

Low costs

Humans cost money, algorithms don’t demand a high salary. With lower operational expenses, robo-advisors can pass those savings onto you. Thus, they can provide financial services at a more affordable price and give investors high-quality advice at a budget. Moreover, robo-advisors generate a large amount of data such as market trends, customer behaviour, risk profiles, and personal preferences to make accurate predictions. Thus, you can use these tools to achieve better returns and enhance portfolio diversification.


Robo-advisors offer a clear picture of how they manage your assets. You will also find details about fees, trades, and investment choices. For example, before you invest 1,00,000 into recommended dividend mutual funds, your robo-advisor will break down how that investment fits into your larger portfolio strategy. This transparency is the key benefit of robo advisors as investors know how their money is being used.

Quick action

Robo-advisors rely on algorithms to provide investment recommendations, which are continuously updated as the market changes. Let’s say market trends show a surge in the tech sector. Your robo-advisor quickly identifies this opportunity and suggests reallocating 10% of your portfolio from healthcare to tech stocks. You get the alert and agree with the change, which happens almost instantly, maximising your potential gains. This swift and efficient process ensures you don’t miss any investment opportunities.

Anyone can invest, even with those with limited financial literacy 

Robo-advisors often come with simple-to-understand dashboards. A graph could show the distribution of your investments in a way that a beginner can understand at a glance. So, even if you have never invested before and don’t know the mutual fund meaning in detail, robo-advisors give recommendations unbiasedly. Based on the data-driven results, you can invest in stocks, bonds, dividend mutual funds, or index funds and make calculative decisions.

Ending note

Robo-advisors are digital financial advisors that have revolutionised the way people manage their investments. They eliminate human bias or emotions to offer automated, algorithm-driven investment and financial planning services. Their constant availability, low cost, user-friendly design, and personalised advice make them an ideal choice for both newcomers and experienced investors. Choose a robo-advisor and you are choosing a future where your money works just as hard for you as you work for it.

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